Do you find yourself spending more time working IN your business

than working ON your business?

If you could wave a magic wand over your business, what would you like to achieve? 

Most business owners if they have 10-20 issues try to solve all of them, but the quality of the solutions is not the best. We help you to focus on your top two or three issues. Using a combination of coaching and technology, we then resolve one by one these issues. Single focused.

Of course, there is no magic wand to solving all your problems overnight, but MCGC can help with preliminary research, help you begin the process, then hold you accountable to your own task timeline.  Get started transforming your business today!

Quick Business Strategy Review


How healthy is your business? High performance businesses possess 7 key characteristics.

Begin your journey towards greater business success by quickly reviewing the current state of your business in terms of: 


  • high-level goals and strategy

  • "success factors and strategic goals

  • strategies, actions & milestones

  • monthly business reviews

  • systems and workflow

  • employee engagement

  • culture change and sustainability


Download this quick strategy review worksheet then send your completed worksheet to Dr. Melanie for your FREE business health score.

Business Needs Analysis (most comprehensive report) 


As a business owner we realize you have hundreds of issues – that’s normal. However there are usually 2 or 3 key make or break issues that are getting in the way of you achieving your goals. The MCGC Business Needs Analysis utilizes a structured process to identify the pain points in your business.  

Based on a core set of questions, we will:

  • Create a gap analysis

  • Provide an action plan for achieving greater success in your business.

  • Provide one followup coaching session to discuss how to best start implementing the items in your plan.


The report is split into 4 different sections:

  1. Quick business scan outline

  2. High level financial goals

  3. Pain points within your business

  4. High priority focus areas

Plus, outline your key milestones for this year, and think through your next 90-day initiatives and action plan.  Take the first step toward truly becoming a high performance business and let us conduct your personalized Client Needs Analysis today! 

Contact MCGC to receive your business analysis today!

Business Needs Analysis + Monthly Coaching (recommended)


Once your Client Needs Analysis is complete and you have your long term and 90 day action plans, we work as your advisor to guide you through implementation of your action items.  Quite often, the greatest challenge in the process is not in the gathering and compiling of information, it is in the execution of the action items.  With monthly coaching, receive the assistance of a project task manager, who helps to ensure accountability to your own deadlines. 

Contact us to begin your monthly plan today!

Business Planning 


Do you have a formal business plan?  If so, has it been updated within the last few years? , ​MCGC's custom business plan includes:

  1. Executive Summary

  2. Competitor Analysis

  3. SWOT and Objectives

  4. Marketing Plan

  5. Production Plan

  6. Human Resource Plan

  7. Financial Strategies

  8. Financial Statements

Sure there are business plan templates all over the internet, but they require you to spend countless hours formatting and trying to understand which items go in which section. Let us help guide the data gathering process, then do the writing, tracking, and followup for you.  Whether it be for gaining finance, complying with requirements, or for spending some time working on your business (rather than in it), we will build an action plan of milestones and KPI’s to ensure your staff (and you) are accountable to the goals and milestones that you set.

Contact MCGC to complete your business plan today!

Business Planning  + Monthly Coaching


When you add coaching to your business planning & strategy service, you receive:

  • One complete business plan (see above for details)

  • One coaching session per month (face-to-face or via GoToMeeting Online)

  • Optional access to industry leading business planning and strategy cloud software. Edit your business plan online at any time, manage project deadlines, use the integrated dashboard to track KPIs (key performance indicators), create accountability to goals and targets, and improve staff engagement. Plus, the one page KPI (Key Performance Indicator) snapshot includes financial and non-financial KPI’s which are fully customizable to reflect your business strategy and model. This enables a monthly review of your strategy execution, successes and obstacles.

The software is user friendly. However, if you do not have the time or desire to manage your business planning activities online, your advisor is happy to manage your project tasks for you.  NOTE: We do not actually complete the tasks as that is something that you are best equip to handle. However, we do help ensure accountability to the task deadlines. 

Contact MCGC to develop and work through your strategy today.

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