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In planning where we are going, we first need to establish where we are. 

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When you hear the words "professional development" do you think of sitting in a training workshop at your place of business? Or perhaps you envision sitting in a room at a facilitated group coaching meeting. Maybe at some point you have had the opportunity to receive a professional assessment (and I don’t mean a personality test on Facebook), or even one-on-one professional coaching. Now, when you think of all those professional development services, do you envision significant travel time and expense? 

Not HERE! I provide all of these professional development services within one robust coaching program.


The WorkLife Champion is an innovative program that provides professional assessment, executive coaching, and leadership training to offer a personalized new approach to your individual development. 

Meet your Coach​

My name is Dr. Melanie Gallo and I am a professional coach and Forbes contributor dedicated to helping professionals reduce stress, increase clarity, and increase productivity. My educational background is in psychology (BA), business (MBA), and business psychology (PhD), and after 25+ years of business experience, I believe that WorkLife is not as much about balance as it is about navigating through the fog within the work-life overlap. I don't believe that there is really a such thing as work-life balance unless you like wobbling around like a juggler on a unicycle. If that's balance then I'll pass on the circus act. I help people navigate the space within the Work-Life overlap. It's much less wobbly and unstable there. 


I also believe that technology can be a powerful tool for education when combined with credentialed professional training. Therefore, I have developed this personalized program for reducing stress, increasing productivity, and living on the next level of your life.

Meet your Coach

So Doc., What do coaches actually do?

(And what do they typically charge?) 

One-on-one Coaching

$5,000 - $10,000 per month  

“Coaching [is] partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole.” International Coaching Federation 

Group Coaching

$750 per month 

“Group coaching can be appealing as it involves a peer learning process. Some coaching clients may prefer a collaborative group learning environment where they learn from the insights and contributions of peers, as they do from their own reflections. For clients who are more introverted, the peer learning process may feel "less on the spot" and provide more time for reflection and articulation of their insights. The ‘collective wisdom’ created and explored is often identified as a key benefit.”  The Coaching Tools Company


Professional Assessment

$750 one assessment + feedback

“Scientifically valid and reliable professional assessment can not be done for free on Facebook! It should be administered by a qualified professional then followed by a professional feedback session to discuss your results and develop an action plan for moving forward.” Melanie Gallo, PhD


Professional Development Workshops

$2400 1/2 Day

“The big corporations offer leadership development training. In fact, I had the opportunity to participate in these types of workshops while working for Hyatt Hotels and The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company. They were awesome and as a parting gift, we even received a leather bound planner (That was before cell phones and digital planners so it felt like a big deal back then).” Melanie Gallo, PhD


Typical Investment for all of these coaching services:

$13,900 per MONTH

The value of working with a coach to accomplish your dreams is priceless, but value should also be affordable while you're on your way to achieving your goals. That's why I have combined the value of several coaching programs with the accessibility and affordability of one single program! 


I call it The WorkLife Champion, and the monthly cost of the entire program is less than the typical price for one month of coaching!

About this Program


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The WorkLife Champion program is a personalized, evidence-based program designed to help clients reach their full potential. Using a cognitive behavioral model of coaching, we identify and challenge the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that block individual growth.

It's done remotely. It's done by a human. The human is a specialist in human behavior.

Not artificial intelligence...human intelligence.

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Which of the coaching services do I get with your program?

(And how much does it cost?)


Get ALL of the coaching services

for as low as $900 (not $13,900) per MONTH!

The WorkLife Champion Programs Includes:

🧩 Professional assessment administered by a practitioner qualified and experienced in the administration and interpretation of science-based and psychological assessments.  

🧩 First Coaching Session Free!  This will not count towards your monthly session allowance.You can make an appointment for your free session right now! Just request your day and time on the calendar below.

🧩 Access to the CoachAccountable coaching management platform. This system allows us to track appointments, reminders, things to keep in mind between coaching sessions, action items, assessments, worksheets, tools, and actual metrics to focus on real results, and make sure you’re set up to make real progress. Plus, there's even a convenient app! 

🧩 Two, live, one-on-one coaching sessions per month. Coaching is foundation of the WorkLife Champion program. By the end of each live coaching session you and I will have come up with a few things: things for you to keep in mind during the coming week, a few action items for you to tackle before the next time we talk, and maybe we’ll have you tracking something. 

🧩 Live, group coaching. Share during the group call...or don't. Not everyone gains energy from collaborating in a group. However, just hearing the discussions might spark some new ideas and insights to think about for those who prefer to think things through in solitude or discuss one-on-one with your coach. 

🧩 Professional development workshops. Your workshop will directly depend on the coaching goals that you create for yourself. If we are working on emotional intelligence, then your workshop will focus on the same. It is just another way to receive additional insights to compliment your personalized development experience.

🧩 Your WorkLife Champion Blueprint packed with all of the assessment reports, worksheets and other downloadable tools to help you move to the next level in your life. 

🧩 Everything is done remotely, so meet from the comfort of wherever you feel most comfortable. 

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Plus. . . Get Going Right out of The Gate with

the 1 Week Quick Start Program

(An $897 Value)

Receive daily guidance for creating:


⭐️ Clearer goals: You will craft a blueprint for your goals.

⭐️ More Productive thinking habits: Develop an action plan to get out of your own way and make your thoughts to work for you.

⭐️ Your best week ever: You'll answer the question, "How in the world am I supposed to make time for all of this coaching and whatnot?"  You will draft an action plan for establishing new daily habits to discover more time for the things that are most important to you.


This 1 week quick start program which includes videos, worksheets, and other materials that will familiarize you with my coaching system. Just like the starting pistol in a race, it is designed to get you going right out of the gate. 

Monthly Cost of The WorkLife Champion Coaching Program


I understand how it is to see something valuable online that you are certain would be really helpful, but you find yourself stuck thinking, “This is not in my budget right now”. This is why I intentionally priced The WorkLife Champion to be as affordable as possible for leaders at various levels. After all, as insightful as this program has proven to be, you still have to maintain enough capital in reserve to keep the train running. 

Pricing is simple. The longer the commitment, the greater the value. Not only will your wallet thank you, but effective coaching is not a quick fix and really requires a commitment to the process over several months. So, by signing up for a 6 or 12 month program, you are rewarded with savings! Reserve your free session to get started today! 

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It took me over 25 years to understand that WorkLife is not as much about balance as it is about navigating through the fog in the WorkLife overlap. Therefore, I am helping clients reduce stress, increase productivity, and live their PURPOSE. 

- Dr. Melanie

The WorkLife Champion Coaching Program is highly personalized so space is limited. 

Reserve your spot today!



Dr. Melanie has helped me put my day-to-day life into perspective. Between work and family, I found myself moving all the time. Through her coaching services and exercises, I was able to pause and reflect on my daily activities and make some healthy changes. I have learned to protect my time, as well as to think and plan ahead. I would highly recommend her services. She is professional, responsive and truly cares about her client's progress. Karol C. May 2019


Melanie Gallo is an awesome coach and thought leader around balancing work and life through managing mental processes that lead to action. I've taken several of Dr. Gallo's courses on stress management, cognitive biases and personality in the workplace and I have applied her strategies and tips in my personal life and career. Dr. Gallo is truly a trusted advisor and leader in business psychology.

Kanisha R. Parrish, Ph.D. September 2019


Dr. Melanie Gallo is one of our Business Psychology alums from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She participated in the school's Preparing Future Psychology Faculty program, beyond meeting all her academic requirements for the PhD. We were sufficiently impressed with her professionalism and her ability to blend academic and practitioner perspectives to ask her to keynote a presentation at one of our recent doctoral residencies. We are extremely proud that Dr. Gallo is one of our alums and look forward to further, ongoing engagement with her. -  Julie Benesh, PhD, MFA September 2019

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