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MCGC uses a structured process to guide individuals and organizations through measurable change. During the organizational assessment and development process, I will work with you and your employees to clarify your organizational mission, vision, strategy, and strategic objectives. By allowing your employees to be involved in the visioning and strategic planning activities, morale increases because they are able to form an emotional attachment to the goals.  Plus, when people understand why they are working towards their goals, they become more invested in them.

The Consulting Process


  • ​Initial meeting to discuss your organizational needs

  • We prepare a full project proposal or contract outlining: the scope of your project, consultant responsibilities, client responsibilities, estimated time schedule, completion criteria, estimated charges, expected deliverables, and any additional terms and conditions.

  • Once all terms have been agreed upon, the contract is finalized and signed

Diagnosis & Discovery

  • Based on the background information we gather during the contracting meeting, along with interviews with key employees if needed, we determine which method of discovery or research will work best for your organization's situation. 

  • We can then draft a clear definition of the "problem" or situation. 


  • An official project timeline is developed in order to keep the consulting engagement on track.

  • Intervention strategies and activities are identified.


  • We develop a leadership or organizational development plan.

  • We begin implementing the intervention activities with the people involved in the organizational development effort.  Activities may range from a simple computerized assessment/analysis of each individual, to a full, multi-day organizational development workshop tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Employees and leaders are debriefed on the results of the activities.


  • A feedback process is used to gather information from both individual employees as well as leadership to gauge additional needs. 

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