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What is Coach2Go?

Coach2Go is a free personal development toolkit and mobile app.

Welcome! I'm so happy you stopped by! I’m Dr. Melanie Gallo, a professional coach, Doterra Wellness Advocate, and Forbes.com contributor specializing in personality, emotions, and thinking habits. I help professionals find their JOY within the Work+Life overlap❣️

I designed this toolkit to be a treasure box of essential oil educational resources, downloadable personal development coaching tools, exclusive members only resources (available only in the app), and on-demand support from a trained and qualified professional—yours truly!

Below, you will find an overview of everything in the Coach2Go Toolkit along with some quick links to get you there. If you haven’t already downloaded the free Coach2Go app (powered by Wix) you can sign up here. If you already have the Wix App just enter the code XHTJD5.

It‘s great to have you here! Be Well💜

Dr. Melanie

Coach2Go Toolkits

(Available Online & In the App)

Most of the Coach2Go “Toolkits” include a FREE personal development download or resource of some sort, so dive in and take a look! Toolkit topics include:

Coach2Go Wellness

(Available Only in the App)

I love to provide information and here in the wellness section you will find just that!

  • DōTERRA Members Only Group: Exclusively for DōTERRA wholesale members to receive special updates, ask specific questions, and share how you use your oils.

  • Essential Oil Usage Guide: Not quite sure which essential oils to use for which conditions (ie. anxiety, inflammation, colds, sinus issues, headaches)? This is the place to find out. The list is being expanded often so be sure to check back regularly.....and if it’s not there, let me know and I’ll add it.

To access the Wellness section, just download the app and visit the "Wellness" tab to for started.

Coach2Go Coaching

(Available Only in the App)

Within Coach2Go you can take advantage of exclusive one-on-one coaching plans designed to be a simple, convenient, economical way to ease into professional coaching. With a paid Coach2Go subscription you receive:

✔️A structured, goal-focused coaching plan

✔️Regular coachchat check-ins from Dr. Melanie

✔️A simple, convenient, user-friendly mobile app

To get started today, just download the app and visit the "Coach2Go Plans" tab to select your coaching plan.

Coach2Go is personal development toolkit and mobile app. If you haven’t already downloaded my free app (powered by Wix) you can sign up here. If you have the Wix App just enter the code XHTJD5.

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