Each coaching and consulting engagement begins with information-gathering.  At MCGC this typically involves an informal interview and some type of individual or organizational assessment.

Individual Assessment

Individual assessment is an evaluation of an individual’s strengths, and developmental needs in relation to a job or career path.  Using personality assessments and a set of psychological procedures, the focus of the assessment and coaching process is on improving skills and performance.

The assessment of individuals within organizations is used in a variety of situations. Most often, the goal is to obtain a holistic understanding of a particular individual’s (usually a mid level manager or above) strengths and limitations as they relate to his/her ability to carry out a particular job.  


MCGC specializes in conducting professional assessments, which are often used for:

  • Individual career coaching 

  • Executive coaching

  • Evaluating candidates for high level and/or key positions

  • High potential leadership and executive development programs

  • Team intervention and development

  • Organizational consulting

A few of the individual assessments that Dr. Gallo is uniquely qualified and experienced in administering include: ​​​

  • Myers-Briggs® Type Assessment

  • The Big Five Personality Assessment 

  • Career Surveyor® Assessment

  • Typefinder® for the Workplace Personality Assessment

  • DiSC® Assessment

  • 16PF® Assessment

  • Need For Affect Questionnaire

  • Jehn's Intergroup Conflict Scale

  • Conflict Dynamics Profile 

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