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A Map to the Perfect Team (+Video)

Remember the last time you put a team together? Sally and Ben were clashing the entire time, and they ended up spending more time in HR – sorting out their issues – than they did working with the team.

The project was a real struggle. I bet you’d like a way to avoid that mess in the future.

So: Imagine a map that can actually guide you to the right mix of personalities on the team. It tells you who works well with others. It tells you who’s detail-oriented, and you definitely want someone like that on the team. It also tells you who’s a natural leader, not to mention the person who will gladly focus on tasks and the cataloging of information.

Yes, a map like this exists. I use it all the time when coaching my clients.

The information comes from the results of four different assessments. I use a different combination of assessments for each client based on their needs and their situations, but the four in question are the Enneagram, the DiSC, the 16 Types and the Culture Pulse.

Team Coaching Dashboard

Once your people have gone through personality assessments using one or several of these, the results are fed into a snapshot that shows you where they fall in terms of each of their personality types, thinking styles, and team roles. A relationship map also allows you to compare your teammates side-by-side. This kind of information could make all the difference between a smooth-functioning team and one that’s constantly bogged down in dysfunction.

This is a great example of how powerful a tool personality psychology can be in business. It’s one of the greater joys of my career that I can bring this to clients and show them how to use it.

Here’s a recent video in which I discussed all this with Michelle Cohl. Enjoy it!

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