Finding your WorkLifeJoy Central

Look where I found my passion, purpose, and profit hanging out together.

Over the past year, like the lives of so many others, my own life and business have gone through some major transformations. So I too have needed to make some adjustments.

Ever since high school, I’ve had a love of psychology and a desire to help people understand themselves and others (purpose), even if I didn’t initially know how I would go about making it happen (passion) and how to make that desire pay the bills (profit).

Throughout my career I’ve helped create memorable experiences in the hospitality industry (passion?), I’ve helped people communicate their messages through website and graphic design (passion?), I’ve coached professionals on issues within the world of work (passion?), I’ve helped clients understand their brain and physical health through Doterra wellness products and services (passion?), and even as a writer and Forbes contributor, my goal was always to help people understand each other through articles about thinking habits, personalities, and other individual differences (passion?).

I loved doing all of these things! But which ones were also my purpose? Which of these were in my sweet spot—my WorkLifeJoy Central?

So after the most challenging year ever, I made some adjustments to re-focus and clarify my own WorkLifeJoy Central—that place where MY passion, purpose, and profit hang out together.

My WorkLifeJoy Central.

Using science-based assessment, psychology, and technology (my passions), I help people in business to understand their patterns of thinking and the thinking of others (my purpose), to strategically align thinking strengths with their business and career plans in order to achieve success (everybody’s profit😉).

I’m Dr. Melanie and I help people in business every day to understand the patterns of their thoughts so they can use their thinking strengths to help train and improve in the thinking dimensions that aren’t as strong. Starting with a Nobel Prize-based tool called the Mindscan, we are able to mathematically measure your thinking and your capacity to make value judgments concerning yourself and the world around you. So instead of simply understanding "how" you behave in the world, it reveals how to systematically align your thinking strengths with a business plan in order to achieve measurable success. To see how it all works, take your free Mindscan today.

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