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Cognitive behavioral coaching is a science-based approach to achieving personal and professional fulfillment through the removal of mental and emotional barriers, in the formation of new habits and behaviors. When applicable, we incorporate the science of aromatherapy to promote a healthy brain, with science-based personality assessment to navigate your thoughts, feelings and behaviors for a healthy mind and behaviors.

By using personality assessment, and aromatherapy as coaching tools, we address both the mental and physical health of the brain to:

  • uplift mood

  • calm worry and anxious feelings

  • manage stress

  • regulate behavior

  • increase focus and attention

  • sharpen memory and learning

  • ease mental fatigue

  • challenge perfectionism

  • and combat self-handicapping thoughts

Ultimately, we are able to enhance your:

  • self-awareness

  • goal-striving

  • well-being

  • hope

  • resilience

  • cognitive hardiness

  • sales performance

  • core self-evaluation

  • significant personal and professional value

  • emotion management

  • and overall self-rating of performance

When you get started as a cognitive behavioral coaching client you will:

✔️ Receive professional assessment administered by a practitioner qualified and experienced in the administration and interpretation of science-based psychological assessments.

✔️ Have live 1-on-1 coaching sessions. By the end of each live coaching session you and I will have come up with a few things: things for you to keep in mind during the coming weeks and specific action items for you to tackle before the next time we talk. ✔️ Receive ongoing support and accountability between sessions.

✔️ Receive coaching activities and exercises to support you in your journey.

How to become a coaching client with me:

  1. Complete the form to schedule your Discovery Call to discuss your coaching and wellness goals.

  2. Experience your first coaching session during the free, interactive Onboarding call.

  3. Sign your coaching agreement and schedule your next call.

  4. Start connecting to the support resources.

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