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You have probably heard the term work-life balance for years but these days, it seems that work and life do more overlapping than balancing. In fact, balance often involves wobbling back and forth trying not to fall over, like a juggler on a unicycle...in the circus!🎪

Many of the challenges we encounter in our professional lives like goal achievement, unhealthy or unproductive habits, and inefficient use of time, are the same challenges that cause roadblocks in our personal lives. 

To start thinking about how you use your time, check out this video entitled "The Jar of Life".  

Pretty crazy huh?

Now take a look at this video entitled "The Time You Have".

Now it's your turn!

Download your copy of the Big Rocks & Little Rocks exercise. Use this to walk through the steps of identifying the things that are most important in your life then align how you spend your time with your real priorities.

Big Rocks & Little Rocks

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