If you had a magic wand, what life would you create for yourself? What would you do in the next 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and then 25 years? Introducing "magic" frees you to imagine with fewer limitations! This is visioning.

When you have a vision for your life it makes everything easier, from goal-setting, prioritizing actions and day-to-day activities to making tough decisions. In addition, when your goals align with the vision you have for your life - and what's most important to you - you‘re more motivated.

It's a rewarding process to take your overarching

vision and then chunk that vision down into smaller, more meaningful goals to move forward with.

Visioning exercises help you envision and set the

scene for a bigger version of your life, as well as providing a reference tool if you decide to seek input (like from a coach...wink, wink) on your goal-setting process.

Download: The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a popular visual tool or worksheet used in coaching to help clients quickly understand how balanced or fulfilled their life is in this moment. If you are familiar with my work you have probably heard me say that I don’t believe in work-life balance—balance is what unicycle riding jugglers constantly work towards. I do however, believe in working to navigate through the fog within the work-life overlap.

The Wheel of Life exercise is a visual representation of how balance itself is not necessarily what makes us most fulfilled because some areas are always going to hold a greater weight or importance to us.

The life wheel tool gives clients a helicopter view of how satisfied they are with their life in key predefined life categories such as health, finances and relationships.

It usually consists of 8-10 categories or areas considered important for a whole or balanced life. Here, you will rate your level of satisfaction with each area, then map this onto an image of a wheel. This gives you an immediate overview of your current "life balance". Crucially, the life wheel scoring system also allows people to see right away which areas of their life might need improvement.


After creating your vision it is time to narrow down some goals. Everyone knows how important it is to have goals, but sometimes people have no idea where to start or they may have goals but their goals are dull, uninspiring or don't have real meaning for them. A key part of the coaching process is to work on choosing goals that are exciting or have meaning for you.

Below you will find the “Wacky Wild Goal Brainstorming Tool”. Use this brainstorming worksheet to help you discover more

exciting and/or meaningful goals, and consider which goals to move forwards with. There are 3 distinct steps to this tool - each on a separate page.

  • Page 1 - Goal Brainstorming (from the "wacky" to the "wild")

  • Page 2 - Goal Scoring. Score each potential goal according to the value it TRULY adds to your life (great for prioritizing which goals to move forwards with).

  • Page 3 - Identify and explore up to 10 possible focus areas that could be turned into goals.

Download: Wacky Wild Goal Brainstorming Tool

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