Melanie C. Gallo Consulting, LLC is a business psychology practice that provides coaching and consulting services to individuals, teams, and organizations. Business psychology practitioners give advice on a wide range of people issues at work – from careers to large scale organizational change.  We are independent professionals who can be trusted to offer an unbiased, scientifically credible perspective.  


Dr. Melanie Gallo has a background and traditional training in both psychology and business, and specializes in the selection, interpretation, and implementation of assessments. Through the use of business psychology models, we help individuals understand and leverage differences in personality, emotion, and human behavior within the world of work. 

Managing Principal 


As a professional coach and consultant, Dr. Gallo's primary focus is on guiding her clients through a wide range of people issues at work – from individual growth to large scale organizational change.

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Much like a primary care physician, MCGC will assess the issues that may currently be causing you pain within your career or organization (diagnostic care). Even if there aren't currently any pain points, we help to identify potential issues that could arise if not addressed early (preventative care).

  • Individual Personality Assessment

  • Individual Career Assessment & Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

  • Team Assessment & Intervention

  • Organizational Consulting


As with your primary care provider, there are also times when you may need the help of a specialist. Therefore, MCGC works with a network of trusted and seasoned business professionals.  We only provide referrals to trusted specialists.

Our current referral network represents fields including: 

  • Clinical Psychology

  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Website Development 

  • Employment Law


  • Business Banking and Finance

  • Accounting and Taxes


While MCGC is most passionate about helping individuals and organizations to gain the greatest return on their human investments, we are also passionate about leveraging the power of technology when serving our clients. Unlike the coaching and consulting services of the past, we are able to serve clients worldwide without the time and expense once required for travel... an expense that often was passed along to the client. Through industry-leading collaboration and project management technologies, we are always within reach.  

At MCGC, we have worked with various collaboration and project management systems including:   

  • GoToMeeting

  • GoToWebinar

  • YouTube Live

  • Facebook Live

  • Teamwork Projects

  • Basecamp

  • Skype

  • Box


  • Dropbox

  • MAUS Business Systems

  • Google Apps

  • Zoho office



Melanie C. Gallo, MBA, Ph.D

Managing Principal

Leadership Coach / Organizational Consultant   


As a professional coach and consultant, Dr. Gallo's primary focus is on giving guiding her clients through a wide range of people issues at work – from individual growth to large scale organizational change.

Melanie earned her B.A in Psychology from the University of Georgia, an M.B.A from Keller Graduate School of Management, and a PhD in Business Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  Her research focus lies in personality, emotion, and behavior in workgroups. 

In order to provide psychology-based business solutions, Melanie not only draws upon her educational background in both psychology and business, but also her decades of practical experience in the private sector.  Her knowledge, skills, and abilities have developed through a variety of industries including: restaurant (Godfathers Pizza - Human Resources), hospitality (Hyatt Hotels and The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company – Group Room Sales), mass merchandising (Miller Zell Retail Design Agency – Field Installation Manager), investment (Edward Jones Investments - On Call Branch Office Associate), graphic design (MelMessage, LLC Graphic Design - Owner/Graphic Designer), and radio media (The Herman Cain Radio Show).


Melanie honed her skill for providing personalized service both during her years in the hospitality industry, and during her decade-long tenure as the owner and lead designer for Melmessage, LLC., an Atlanta-based graphic design and printing firm.  Even as a designer, Melanie took a business-psychology approach to creating products by remaining sensitive to the link between human perception and the use of visual media to communicate the client’s message.  Studies have shown that different text styles, colors, and combinations of colors often produce similar reactions in different types of individuals.  Therefore, her design style focused on the strategic use of color and text to connect the client’s message to their target audience.


In 2014, Melanie was selected for the Chicago School's Preparing Future Psychology Faculty (PFPF) program, which she completed with distinction. This program was initially funded by the American Psychological Association, and launched as part of a national initiative by the Council of Graduate Schools and the Association of American Colleges and Universities.  


Melanie is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) Division 13, Society of Consulting Psychology (SCP), the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), The Society of Human Resource Management Atlanta, the Stockbridge Association of Businesses, and the Magnolia (GA) Chapter of the Links, Inc. 

"Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.

Keep your words positive, because your words become your behavior.

Keep your behavior positive, because your behavior becomes your habits.

Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values.

Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny."

Mahatma Gandhi

What we think, we become.

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