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Career Clarity Compass

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Has your career taken the wind out of your sails? Do you wish you could be doing work that you feel more passionate about? Do you feel stuck in a work environment that is not a good fit for you? In this Career Clarity program, you set sail for 8 days of step-by-step guidance to help you navigate through how you think about your work, and a science-based Career Personality Assessment to increase your professional strength. Your career assessment measures your personality traits, strengths, values, and interests, then uses those scores to match you with a list of ideal careers. The career assessment is based on two scientifically validated models for career planning: The Big Five model of personality traits, and the Holland Code model of career interest. Using a unique combination of these two powerful career matching systems, your career assessment will determine which jobs are most likely to match your aptitude and satisfy your individual personality and motivational factors. The key to making this course work is through completing each step and keeping your momentum so be sure to check in each day to make the greatest progress! ⛵️ 👉🏾Interested in 1-on-1 coaching also? Select the "Add-on Phone/Chat-based coaching" plan. Exclusively available to Coach2GO on-demand digital coaching clients.

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