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Coach2GO Coaching for WorkLifeJoy

This guide contains:


What is Coaching?

Hello! I’m Melanie Gallo, PhD, a wife, mom, sister, caregiver, Certified Mental Health Coach, WorkLife psychology specialist, and the creator behind Coach2GO. And I am so happy you are here!

Wondering what the heck is Coach2GO? Read on as I connect the dots between mental health coaching, therapy, digital coaching, and how everything works here!

Mental health coaching is not therapy or counseling.

Mental health coaching focuses on taking actions in the present to achieve a goal or make a change that improves your life in a meaningful way. Coaching also provides a framework for you to explore what's most important to you right now. People use coaching for a variety of things they want to work on like coping skills for stress, anxiety, and depression, building or changing habits, support with goal setting, relationships, communication, increased motivation, increasing clarity in their careers, finding harmony between work and life, and more.

Therapy on the other hand, (also called psychotherapy or counseling), consists of sessions with a licensed clinician to help you address ongoing psychological symptoms, or patterns of thought, behavior, or emotion that no longer serve you. Therapy can allow you to dive deeper into past or present issues to make positive change in your life.

If based on your life and how you know yourself best, you feel that therapy is a fit, is one of the largest directories of licensed therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists clinicians and can be a great place to find clinical support. If you are unsure, please feel free to download my Coach2GO app and message me. We can chat a bit and I can help.

Mental health coaching is like snorkeling while therapy is like scuba diving. And as a mental health coach I can see and recognize many of the things going on down deep, but I do not go down there. I stay up top and help you establish and maintain momentum in the current on your journey towards your goals. And the best part is that coaching and therapy are also great compliments to each other!

Mental health coaching and therapy are great compliments to each other.

Digital coaching is tech-enabled coaching provided by a human coach, both synchronous (scheduled, in real-time) and asynchronous (on your own time, unscheduled), using video, phone, and chat-based communication to empower a human coachee in their self-development. Coach2GO is Digital Coaching.

What is Coach2GO?

Coach2GO is a psychology-based digital coaching platform designed to walk you towards your vision of joy for your work and life. With both real-time and on-demand digital coaching support, Coach2GO programs provide a structured, action-oriented, way to experience expert-backed assessment and mental health coaching, to set goals and take immediate action.

Real-time and on-demand digital coaching

Created by yours truly, Dr. Melanie, a business psychology Ph.D and certified mental health coach, Coach2GO programs provide personalized insights and actionable coaching tips to help you gain clarity on your definition of happiness and fulfillment, in both your personal and professional life.

Even if you are not sure of your goals but know you want something to change, I can help. Your Coach2GO coaching program will help walk you through the steps to figure out where you want to be, and how to get there.

A simplified yet structured approach

With a simplified yet structured approach, Coach2GO online programs deliver action-focused coaching tips from day one, allowing you to immediately start implementing positive changes without sacrificing valuable time, money, or momentum.

Whether seeking to improve work-life balance, improve relationships, reduce stress and overwhelm, or enhance overall well-being, Coach2GO programs empower individuals to take control of their well-being and finally achieve their goals in a way that lasts.

Want the app? Click below to access on the Wix app for Free! Already have the Wix app? Just use the code COACH2GO to enter.

How do Coach2GO programs work?

Coach2GO offers both REAL-TIME and ON-DEMAND coaching programs that are packed with the same types of guidance and resources that I have shared over thousands of coaching hours, working with clients everyday.

Real-time Coaching

With 1-on-1 coaching in real time, we work together during scheduled sessions to determine what small, achievable steps will help you work towards your goal and eventually graduate!  Graduation is our ultimate objective in coaching as it can indicate skills learned and sustained consistency over time. And depending on your budget and scheduling preferences, 1-on-1 coaching sessions are available by video, phone, or via real-time chat.

If you are interested in working together 1-on-1, you can find out more about my 1-on-1 coaching plans by clicking the link. 💁🏾‍♀️ I'd love to work together!

On-demand Digital Coaching

Coach2GO on-demand digital programs are structured to walk you through your personal development journey, in a way similar to how I would if working together 1-on-1 as your live coach. Coaching focuses on taking action in your life to achieve a goal or make a personal change so once you choose a goal or area to focus on, you can create a plan, and take the steps to get there.

Download the Coach2GO app for free.

A great way to start receiving a burst of new energy to get unstuck in your work+life is to try Coach2GO for yourself. Sometimes the biggest step is taking that first small step. If you are ready to take that first small step then download the Coach2GO mobile app for free! Within the app you can:

  • Chat with me directly…feel free to ask questions

  • Read my WorkLifeJoy blog

  • Access the Coach2GO digital programs

  • App-exclusive discounts! Receive 25% off or more off of digital coaching programs...just send me a chat message inside the app to claim your code.

  • Explore your 1-on-1 coaching options so we can work together!

  • Choose a monthly pricing plan that works for you

  • Watch exclusive videos about the science behind WorkLifeJoy

  • ...and access additional free resources and content

Not just a coaching tool… a coaching tool with a human inside. Not a bot, not AI. Just Dr. Melanie

What makes Coach2GO different?

🚨 Expert Guidance from Dr. Melanie

Right now, the coaching industry is still not not all coaches and programs are created equal. With Coach2GO, my focus is on well-being first. You can be sure that you are being supported by a coach with a formal education in psychology (B.A, PhD), formal mental health coach training, and thousands of coaching hours, all centered around helping people to be better, by thinking and feeling better.

Plus, as a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), and certified through a health and wellness coaching program approved by the National Board of Medical Examiners, I follow industry ethical standards and practices.

🚨 Accountability

Coach2GO's on-demand digital coaching nudges provide accountability to help you increase awareness, take action, and build new habits and behaviors that last!

🚨 Structure

Don't know how you will ever find the time for coaching? You’ve found your solution! Coach2GO's programs are streamlined and effective without being overly intrusive in your life. Real change is incremental and comes with practice. This is structured to help you make real, lasting change.

🚨 Science-based Assessment

Have you taken personality assessments before but don't even know where the reports are, let alone how to actually use the info in your everyday life? Through Coach2GO's premium WorkLifeJoy 90 Day Jumpstart program, you also receive 5 science based assessments plus actionable coaching tips based on your results, right into the palm of your hand. Check out my own dashboard and coaching tips here. And when you sign up, our results can even be viewed side-by-side with insights about how we can best work together!

🚨 Fast and Convenient

Coach2GO provides guidance in a practical new way, every day, from day one, without losing time, money or momentum. Coach2GO is designed to fit into the fabric of a busy schedule and add value without being intrusive. Lightweight yet packed with the power to rocket you to new levels.

With Coach2GO programs, your AH-HA moment can happen today! Let me say that again...

Your “AH-HA “ moment can happen TODAY!💡

Sometimes when we are looking for something to change in an area of our lives, we first need to take time and REFLECT. And reflection takes courage!

When you understand more about yourself, it enables you to choose jobs, careers and challenges that make sense for you. When the Titanic sank, it didn't sink because it hit the part of the iceberg that they could see. It sank because it hit that massive portion underneath the waterline that they couldn't see. You just don't know, what you don't know.

In Your Life

When you get to a place where you feel like you are doing the right things in your life but you aren’t getting where you really want to be, it is often because you can’t see what is really standing in your way, and you aren’t clear about what your goals really are. So, by first increasing self-awareness around your healthy and unhealthy behavioral tendencies, areas in need of growth, temptations, instincts, and underlying emotions, you receive an incredible opportunity to develop yourself and improve your interactions with others. Plus…

In Your Career

When changing careers or even excelling in the one you have, self-awareness around things like communication, work styles, strengths, and opportunities for growth can also give you an incredible opportunity to develop yourself.

Develop yourself. Improve interactions with others. Move towards your vision.

How are Coach2GO on-demand programs structured?

The on-demand digital programs inside Coach2GO are designed to help you navigate areas such as emotional and mental wellness, personal and professional development, relationships, communication, and more. A big part of navigating through the program revolves around creating a vision for what you want in your life and then creating a set of action steps to work towards that vision.

The stages in Coach2GO On-demand digital programs include:

Awareness — Through assessment, you will become more clear about where you are now, where you want to go, and the gaps that hold you back.

Action — Through weekly checkins and other coaching guidance, programs inside of Coach2GO create structure for goal-setting and accountability. Map out, and set sail towards specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time-specific goals...SMART goals!

Achievement — Through regular coaching nudges, you will practice to improve and create new habits. Change isn’t easy so it takes time and consistency.

And the premium WorkLifeJoy 90 Day Jumpstart program inside Coach2GO, takes digital coaching to the next level! Using an assessment platform called Cloverleaf, this premium program provides the most convenient, value-packed, way to also receive evidence-based professional assessment and daily personalized coaching tips relating to:

  • Your Communication Style

  • Your Conflict Triggers

  • Areas in Need of Development

  • Leadership Style

  • Motivations

  • Style of Persuasion

  • Work Style...and much more

This premium digital experience is designed to help you navigate towards your goals, while fitting into the fabric of your busy schedule and adding value without being intrusive.

👀 Want a sneak peek at my assessment dashboard? This is what you will get with your WorkLifeJoy program!

How much is a Coach2GO program gonna cost?

I know... that's the big question. And you may have even scrolled straight down to this section before reading the other stuff. Again, I get it!

The great news is that you can get started for FREE with my 3-day FREE trial of the WorkLifeJoy 90 Day Jumpstart! Or download my free Coach2GO app and send me a chat message with the words FREE GEMS for 100%off of my Well-being and Balance BAG of GEMS program.

Coach2GO Digital Programs (one time fee)

Coach2GO 1-on-1 Coaching Plans (monthly fee)

  • Bi-Weekly 1-on-1 chat-based coaching sessions (includes choice of Well-being, Productivity, or Career Coach2GO digital program)

  • Weekly 1-on-1 chat-based coaching sessions (includes WLJ 90 Day Jumpstart!)

  • Weekly 1-on-1 phone coaching sessions (includes WLJ 90 Day Jumpstart!)

  • Weekly 1-on-1 video coaching sessions (includes WLJ 90 Day Jumpstart!)

With Coach2GO you are getting the immediate value of getting through the blind spots and around the obstacles (i.e people and circumstances) that try to block your progress. High end coaching programs can cost upwards of $10,000.

When you select the video coaching plan, you receive 6 months of 1-on-1 real-time coaching, 6 months of on-demand digital coaching, and 3 full months of personalozed daily coaching tips. All for a one time fee of $6000 or $1000/month. Triple the coaching without triple the price.

Why is this the price if other coaching can be so pricy?

Because Coach2GO is a streamlined, efficient, innovative coaching experience. And I offer 3 days free because I want you to be able to try it before you buy it. This is not a case of you get what you pay get so much more😊!

What is the WorkLifeJoy 90 Day Jumpstart program?

In addition to the on-demand digital programs on the Coach2GO platform, the WorkLifeJoy 90 Day Jumpstart premium program offers a powerful extra level of self discovery and personal development through 5 science-based assessments, and 3-month access to an innovative daily coaching tool called Cloverleaf.


The WorkLifeJoy 90 Day Jumpstart program includes:

✔️ 5 Science-based personality and behavioral assessments

✔️ A personalized "ME Dashboard" that pulls together your results from all 5 assessments into easy-to-read summaries

✔️ Step-by-step guidance through each scientificaĺly validated assessment

✔️ Chat-based support from Dr. Melanie (that's me💁🏾‍♀️)

✔️ Full pdf report downloads for DiSC, Enneagram, & 16 Types assessments

✔️ Personalized coaching tips delivered to your email each weekday

✔️ The option to extend access up to a year

✔️ The option to upgrade to a "TEAM Dashboard" for family or teammates to share everyone’s assessment insights, and improve your communication and relationships

What will you gain from these assessments?

With Enneagram Assessment: Learn how to relate to people and how they can relate to you.

♥️ Where you are at your best and worst, with the goal to understand how you can reach your best self.

♥️ How to intentionally redirect towards your healthy tendencies when you notice your unhealthy ones.

♥️ Learn about your areas in need of growth, behavioral temptations, insticts, and underlying emotions.

♥️ How you are likely to act out when you are stressed.

♥️ How you tend to behave when you are moving towards health and security.

With DiSC Assessment: Learn about your responses to favorable and unfavorable work environments.

💼 How to respond in unfavorable work situations

💼 Which work environments allow you to thrive

💼 How your work inspiration is fueled from both the inside and the outside

💼 To what extent you are driven to move towards challenges

💼 How much you tend to move towards people

With Culture Pulse Assessment: Learn how your values, norms, beliefs, and behavior affect how you behave in workgroups.

🧠 What facet of the task at hand motivates you to continue

🧠 How you typically react to your customer/client/audience

🧠 How you typically control outcomes

🧠 How you prefer to identify with a group

🧠 How you react to personal questions or stories

🧠 Your subconscious approach to motivating people to get the best results

With 16 Types Assessment: Learn how to understand and make use of different behavioral tendencies.

♟ Where do you receive your mental energy?

♟ How do you prefer to take in information?

♟ How do you typically make decisions

♟ What are your outward behavioral tendencies?

With the Energy Rythm Assessment Increase awareness into:

🌓 Your patterns of focus and energy

🌓 What times of day you feel most alert

🌓 What types of tasks you do best during certain times of day

THEN…Learn how to use all of this great info about yourself in your real life, from day one, without losing time, money or momentum.

Who Is Coach2GO for?

Programs inside Coach2GO may be for you if you:

👉 are new to mental health coaching and you could use an open, safe space to ask questions and start walking through the coaching process

👉 feel short on time but need some expert guidance

👉 have an open mind

👉 could use more structure and accountability in moving toward your vision of well-being

👉 are interested in discovering practical new insights about yourself rooted in social psychology, business psychology, positive psychology, and cognitive psychology

👉 are committed to doing what you know you need to do, so Coach2GO with Dr. Melanie can help you do what you don't yet know to do

What Now?

If you have seen enough and are ready to get started, I invite you to take the next step by scheduling a complimentary 20-minute discovery session with me! Once scheduled, you will receive a background form to complete prior to our session, and an email to confirm our appointment. Or, if you are ready to jump right in on your own, then the WorkLifeJoy 90 Day Jumpstart is for you! Either way, I am right inside the app to provide support.

You are the ship. As a coach, I'm just a lighthouse helping you to see through the fog on your journey.—Dr. Melanie

What are clients saying about Dr. Melanie?


“Melanie, is the consummate professional and has a great sense of understanding the needs of her clients. She applies her consultation not only with expertise but with a compassion of understanding how to get clients to the next step. I had her on my radio show to talk about handling crisis and conflict when groups travel together. Her advice and contribution to the program was exactly what anyone traveling with friends or family needed to hear. Her segment remains one which I reference often.” - Travel with Annita


“My experience was very positive. I was ready to start a new business. I have not felt this excited in years. What really helped me was that she coached me to being a better leader in a changing workforce.” - David M.


“Melanie Gallo is an awesome coach and thought leader around balancing work and life through managing mental processes that lead to action. I've taken several of Dr. Gallo's courses on stress management, cognitive biases and personality in the workplace and I have applied her strategies and tips in my personal life and career. Dr. Gallo is truly a trusted advisor and leader in business psychology.” - K.C.


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