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Goal and Productivity Atlas

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Are you overwhelmed at home or work and constantly struggling to get everything done? Do you set goals then never take steps forward to complete them? Do you have a hard time focusing during the day or sleeping at night because you have so much on your mind? This Goal and Productivity Atlas digital coaching program will provide space and guidance to: clear your mind, set goals that you will value enough to actually work towards, and explore 9 proven productivity techniques to feel less overwhelmed and be more productive. Upon completion of this program you will be better able to: 1. Manage your time 2. Work with laser focus 3. Get more done without the stress 4. Use a productivity technique that feels like the best fit for YOU 5. Get better rest at night And of course if you have questions I'm just a chat message away! Take care and talk soon! Dr. Melanie👩🏾

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