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WorkLifeJoy Coaching Private Voyage

  • 182Days
  • 82Steps


The WorkLifeJoy Private Voyage is the flagship of the Coach2GO, psychology-based coaching programs. Here you receive BOTH: ✔️1-on-1 coaching sessions with Dr. Melanie (choice of video, phone or text-based sessions) AND ✔️The WorkLifeJoy 90 Day Jumpstart! digital program Increase awareness of things impacting how you navigate your journey to well-being, then create and take action steps towards your definition of WorkLifeJoy. 🛳About 1-on-1 Mental Health Coaching with Dr. Melanie: Mental health coaching is designed to help you navigate areas such as emotional and mental wellness, personal and professional development, relationships, communication, and more. A big part of navigating through your program revolves around creating a vision for what you want in your life, and then setting up action steps to work towards that vision. 🧭About Your WorkLifeJoy 90 Day Jumpstart! With this online program you receive: ●Assessment — Through FIVE science-based assessments, you will become more clear about where you are now, where you want to go, and the gaps that hold you back. ●Action — Through structured goal-setting and accountability, you will map out and set sail towards specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time-specific goals...SMART goals. Then, to keep your momentum going you will receive WEEKLY checkin prompts to record your progress and intentions. ●Achievement — Through personalized DAILY coaching tips and daily personalized journal prompts, you will practice to improve for lasting transformation. Let your journey begin!

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