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Traveling with Essential Oils

by Melanie Gallo, PhD

People often ask, "What oils do you take when you travel?" While my retirement travel plan is to be rolling along in a luxury motor coach with all of the comforts of home, my present day travel often comes along with the headaches associated with flying and hotel rooms. These days what I think about even more are all the bugs that are circulating and the bacteria that’s piled high in planes. Unfortunately, traveling can sometimes be less than enjoyable.

When I first started using oils, I was extra excited to take them on trips with me and I can't even explain to you how much of a difference they made. From dealing with sinus pressure on the plane, to disinfecting surfaces, to cleansing the air in your hotel room. They literally do it all!

First I wanna talk about what you can and cannot bring on the plane.

The TSA or airport security can sometimes be sticklers for things like oils, but can absolutely depend on the person who’s checking you. I always carry oils with me on the plane, so please do not let this deter you considering oils are a NEED in my book when it comes to flying.

I will typically travel with a maximum of ten oils on the plane and any others I will toss into my suitcase. I carry on the oils that I know I may need between leaving my house and arriving to my destination. And those that I know I’ll need should my luggage get lost—which of course has happened before. This usually includes:

Balance: Because you’re flying and Lord only knows the chaos that may ensue

On Guard: Because bugs and gross stuff. I use a roller on the back of my neck and pulse points, and will put a drop into my palms and rub together as a hand sanitizer if I don't have actually hand sanitizer.

Lavender or Serenity: Because sometimes I need to sleep, and have you ever tried dozing off on a plane? It sometimes doesn’t work. The lavender is great for both relxation and skin so it is a great double-duty option to have on hand.

Deep Blue or Peppermint: Because with sinus pressure usually comes head tension so these two are staples. I apply them to my temples and back of neck. I also use peppermint for ANY type of stomach discomfort. Eating while traveling can definitely throw the gut out of whack so peppermint is great for that and fresh breath. Bonus: Both of these oils double as relief for those super sore muscles from carrying all the bags!

Lemon: Because everything just smells fresher with lemon around, and mixed with water, it makes a great travel cleaner to wipe off those tray tables.

Rose (or your fave floral as perfume): I absolutely love this as my perfume and you know that questionable smell on the plane? Yeah, we usually smell like that after too so I always load up on my natural pure-fume throughout the flight and the second that I land.

Ok, now for what I put into my suitcase.

Believe it or not, I now carry most everything on the plane with me after experiencing a lost luggage incident that had my bags making it to the hotel just in time to head back home. In my suitcase I pack a couple of extras:

My diffuser: I love to travel with the Brevi diffuser although any small diffuser will do. dōTERRA now has a great-looking travel diffuser that I haven't had a chance to try but its on my list. I also have a small travel diffuser that plugs into the USB port on my laptop but that was a gift so not sure where it came from.

Adaptive: This isn’t one that I typically need on the plane BUT if you’re travelling somewhere with a slight time change, you have to have it on hand. I love using it at bedtime over my heart and on the soles of my feet to ensure it’s lights out, and to help my body relax and adjust to the change in time

Frankincense: This one is a part of my nightly skincare regimen but is also a key ingredient in making sure that my body works at its very best. I use the roll on every morning and night to ensure inflammation stays at bay and my immune system is humming!

Clary Sage: This may seem like a weird one because who needs hormone support on a trip? Well sometimes I do and let me tell you it is great to have around if you think you’ll need it. It is also great for cleansing the air (with On Guard) and to cleanse out any energy that’s lingering. Sage is an amazing oil to use to get rid of anything unwanted! I don't know what's been in that room!

Motivate or and Citrus Blend: Particularly if I am going somewhere for work like a conference where I know I will be on the move going from place to place, I use Motivate or a citrus blend to keep me alert and going.

What oils can you not travel without?!


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