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8 Ways Toxic People Poison Even the Best Workplaces

Many times, the most toxic people in the workplace are not the blatantly rude, arrogant, and ruthless individuals. They are those who, on the outside, are doing just what is expected of them, but are silently poisoning the morale, performance, and attitudes of those around them.

1. They frequently say, “That’s not my job.”

2. They think they’ve already paid their dues

3. They feel experience is enough

4. They lead the meeting after the meeting

5. They love to gossip

6. They use peer pressure to hold other people back

7. They hurry to grab the glory

8. and they hurry to throw others under the bus.

Fortunately, there are ways to identify these individuals and help them to either shape up, or ship out! Toxic behavior can be contagious and can quickly bring down your entire organization. Contact MCG Consulting today to get your organization back on the right track.

Source: Adapted from "8 Ways Toxic People Poison Even the Best Workplaces


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