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9 behaviors that can self sabotage

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Granted, there are things that often act as barriers to our success but we can start down the road to success by removing some of the hurdles that we put in front of ourselves.

  1. Having a fixed mindset (Think creatively sometimes.)

  2. Arrogance. (You are not all that, buddy.)

  3. Unwillingness to adapt (Even Scrooge got past that issue.)

  4. Putting the blame on others (If you point a finger, there are usually three pointing back at YOU.)

  5. Impulsivity (Think before you speak. Look before you leap.)

  6. Perfectionism (Nobody is perfect. NOBODY.)

  7. Poor planning (Being innovative does not mean not having a plan.)

  8. Lack of self-awareness (You need to know yourself first.)

  9. Inability to learn from mistakes (Sounds cliche’ but we all need a reminder about this sometimes.)

Source: Adapted from "9 behaviors that can hurt your chances of success"

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