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Top 10 Time-Wasters in the Workplace

In a 2012 survey of 438 executives, managers, and professionals (EMPs), the Center for Creative Leadership found that, while they understand the need to work long hours (particularly with the prevalence of the 24/7 connection to their smartphones…but that’s a whole ‘nother conversation), they REALLY get irritated about the unnecessary hours that they are required to work.

Of the Top 10 Time Wasters noted in the survey, along with some solutions for eliminating them include:

  1. Slow computers: If the cost to replace those old dinosaurs is less than the amount used in staff time and engagement, then consider buying new computer hardware.

  2. Inadequate technology systems: If the cost of retaining current technology systems is higher than the cost of staff time and engagement, then consider replacing those systems.

  3. Too many people involved in decision-making: Make a decision already! Identify who is accountable for making the decisions and executing those decisions by providing clear/specific roles.

  4. Constantly changing focus/goals from executive team: Develop a simple, thoroughly researched strategy then stick with it.

  5. Not knowing which work has priority: Prioritize the work based on the established strategy.

  6. Unnecessary e-mails: You can’t get rid of those, so learn how to better manage them.

  7. Unnecessary meetings: Before each meeting, require that each person be informed of their specific roles and the anticipated outcome of the meeting.

  8. Poorly planned meetings: Require agendas…in advance.

  9. Poor project-planning: Require more structured, effective project planning and management.

  10. Too big a job/too much to do: Make the over-assigned role more manageable. Hire new staff if needed, redeploy current staff, streamline processes, and eliminate unnecessary tasks.

At Melanie C Gallo Consulting, we can help you navigate these common time wasters in your organization and help you achieve a greater return on your human investment. Contact us today to get started.

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