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Cloverleaf: The Amazing Tool for Mapping Out Great Teams (+Video)

If you’ve never heard of the tool called Cloverleaf, this is your chance. And it could make all the difference in helping you put together great teams for projects.

And before you jump the blog ship – thinking this might be an ad for an affiliate product – it’s not. Stick around. I always use a three-step coaching process of 1) awareness; 2) action; and 3) achievement. I enjoy telling you about the tools I use in the process, and this tool has completely transformed how I am able to help my clients during that critical first awareness step.

Cloverleaf takes the results from one of several personality assessments – or in some cases a combination of different personality assessments – and presents them to you on a dashboard that’s amazingly easy to use.

Team Roles Grid

If you’re a manager, this could be essential for you because it actually maps out the results of your team’s assessments, grouping by personality type and including additional insights about each person’s traits. It’s a fascinating way to pull teams together because you can see the personality types you’ll be combining by looking at their positions on the map.

Any individual who takes an assessment will be emailed coaching tips based on your results via Cloverleaf. Maybe your assessment indicated you have a particular work style. The coaching tips will guide you to different ways you could be doing things that would make you more effective.


There is no limit to how many people you can put in the team view, although I tend to think around 20 is a manageable number. It’s also a good idea to group people within the team by department or project because that allows you to see the dynamics you have in each particular area.

And of course, when you’re putting a team together for a project, mapping out the assessment results of the team members will give you great insight on whether you’ve got the right mix of people.

I use Cloverleaf extensively with my team and my clients. It’s a great way to get the maximum value out of the personality assessments they’ve had their team members complete.

And, at least for me, coaching is always about getting maximum value.

Enjoy the recent interview I did with Michelle Cohl on this topic:

Ready to give coaching a try? Or want to just test drive assessment? Just click here to get started.


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