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Measuring Employee Happiness . . . and Monetizing It (+Video)

No one begrudges a business owner for wanting to make a profit. And no boss will ever be criticized for wanting to ensure his or her employees are happy.

So why not figure out how to let the one lead to the other?

One of the tools I use in my coaching work is a Nobel Prize-based assessment based on the work of Dr. Robert Hartman called the Mindscan (recenrly replaced by the Hartman Value Profile). It’s a simple assessment that helps you identify unique patterns in people’s thinking. And one of the most powerful impacts of Mindscan is that it helps people identify the things that truly make them happy.

Everyone has specific items that are high on the values scale for them. Some people are most happy when they’ve achieved a goal. Others are most happy when they engage in certain interpersonal experiences. Some people are in their happy place whenever they are required to craft plans, follow rules, or color within the lines. For every person in your company, there is a unique formula for what brings about their happiness. The Mindscan identifies those markers.

And here’s where it gets really good. If you can understand what’s high on each employee’s happiness value scale, you are in a much better position to facilitate a happy work environment. We’re not talking about days off or leaving early. Obviously, you want your people to get things done. We’re talking about setting up environments, reward systems and routines that feed into a person’s happiness marker.

But why would you want to do that? Because it’s going to make you more money!

A 2019 study by the University of Oxford demonstrated that people are 13 percent more productive when they’re happy. How could you monetize 13 percent better productivity?

And Gallup reported in 2017 that happy employees bring about happier customers, to the tune of 20 percent better sales results. Now are you seeing the connection between happier employees and bigger profits?

Maybe these studies aren’t necessary for some of you. Maybe it’s just common sense. But whether you understand it intuitively or want to see the proof, the connection is undeniable.

That’s why, when I help my clients we start with Mindscan and other assessments to uncover the team’s underlying psychology. Then we strategically align the thinking approach of the team with their actual business plan. They want to know what will make their employees happier. Why? Because they care about them. And because more profit is good for everyone.

Here’s a recent interview in which I discussed this:

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I’m Dr. Melanie and I help people in business every day to understand the patterns of their thoughts so they can use their thinking strengths to help train and improve in the thinking dimensions that aren’t as strong. Using a Nobel Prize-based tool based on the work of Dr. Robert Hartman, we are able to mathematically measure your thinking and your capacity to make value judgments concerning yourself and the world around you. So instead of simply understanding "how" you behave in the world, it reveals how to systematically align your thinking strengths with a business plan in order to achieve measurable success. To see how it all works, take your assessment today.


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