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Proactive Strategies for Business, and Happiness, in Strange Times (+Video)

We live in unusual times and because of that, there is more of a demand for coaching services. It’s no surprise. People are trying to deal with so many changes, both strategically and psychologically.

I’m glad to help business leaders cope with these changes, and yet I find that we get the best results when we do one thing: Be proactive, not reactive.

I’ve been coaching since 2014 and, at the beginning, I used to help a lot of clients who were dealing with conflicts. That was rewarding in its own way, but I soon realized that it really wasn’t for me. I preferred helping people to be proactive, so they didn’t end up with the problems and the conflicts in the first place.

A lot of my coaching clients are doing quite well with their businesses. But they didn’t come to me because they were struggling or desperate. They came to me because they’re doing well and they wanted to consolidate those favorable circumstances – building them from short-term profits into long-term prosperity, happiness and satisfaction.

This is so crucial. You can be making lots of money, but subjecting yourself to a lot of stress while doing it. I don’t want my clients to have to go through that, and it’s not necessary. By using my MindScan assessment to help my clients identify how they think, I can show them psychological and strategic approaches that will help them enjoy what they’re doing even while they produce and earn profits.

So how does that help you navigate through the kinds of changes we’ve had to deal with in the past year? Simple: Having your mind in a healthy place will help you handle the unexpected twists and turns in life with confidence and peace in your spirit.

And there’s no reason to have the quest for profits war against your happiness – especially when I can teach you tactics that will allow the one to help the other. So, let’s do this!

Here’s a recent interview in which I discussed all this with Michelle Cohl:


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