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The Classic (and Correct) CEO Question: How Will Your Coaching Make Me More Profitable? (+Video)

It’s a perfectly reasonable question – one that anyone who consults with businesses should be prepared to answer:

“If I utilize your services, how will that pay me back in the form of business value?”

In other words, you want to know why you should expect to be more profitable as a result of working with me.

The answer is simply this: If you and your team perform better than you’ve ever performed before, do you think you’ll be more profitable?

Assuming the answer is yes, here’s how we get there: My job is to help you reach your peak performance. We do that by identifying the psychological areas – many of them beneath the surface – that can be the keys to this elevated performance.

The Titanic didn’t sink because it hit the top of the ice. It sank because it hit the ice below the water line. If the captain had more modern navigation equipment, he might have recognized the danger and avoided this disaster. But he couldn’t see it because it was below the surface of the water.

Step 1 Awareness

Today we have tools and processes that help us identify what's happening just beneath the surface psychologically, for you and your team. The start of this process identifies – for each person involved – the issues that can give you a better understanding of yourself and how you approach your job.

Step 2 Action

Once we’ve identified these issues, we establish very specific goals that you might describe as more above the water line. These goals come from you, not from me. My purpose is to guide you, like a lighthouse, but you’re the one who knows where you’re trying to go.

Step 3 Achievement

Since you’re asking about profitability, I assume that your goals are going to relate directly to your profitability goals. For this, we’ll provide you with an online dashboard to check the progress toward your goals any time you want. The goals we work through will be specific. They’re measurable. And they’re set by you. You’ll have assignments and deliverables that relate specifically to meeting the goals, and everyone will be accountable for the very visible results.

So why will you make more money if you work with me? Because you’re going to decide what you need to achieve to become more profitable, and I’m going to help you identify the issues and action steps that will make it possible for you to achieve those goals.

Then we’re going to work together to measure and track the results.

You asked the right question. Now that you know how we do it, the question is: If you follow this process, how could you not make more money?

Don’t be the Titanic.

Here’s a recent video in which Michelle Cohl and I discussed this very thing:

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I’m Dr. Melanie and I help people in business every day to understand the patterns of their thoughts so they can use their thinking strengths to help train and improve in the thinking dimensions that aren’t as strong. Using a Nobel Prize-based tool called the Mindscan (recently replaced with the Hartman Value Profile), we are able to mathematically measure your thinking and your capacity to make value judgments concerning yourself and the world around you. So instead of simply understanding "how" you behave in the world, it reveals how to systematically align your thinking strengths with a business plan in order to achieve measurable success.

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