There have been many studies that have proven that gratitude makes us happier and healthier. Like any emotion, gratitude can't be forced but we CAN cultivate our thoughts so that gratitude is more likely to arise. Practicing gratitude helps create a HABIT where we focus on the positive in life instead of making negative thinking a habit.

"5 Things" Gratitude Tool

This tool can be used at any time, anywhere! Create a habit where you do it regularly eg.on waking up, before you go to sleep, on the ride home PLUS whenever you're having a challenging day!

  1. Click the link and print out the page. (Tip:Spread the gratitude by printing a few copies & giving to friends/co-workers!)

  2. Now think of just 5 things to be genuinely thankful or grateful for and write them on the hand below. Can't think of 5? Look around you and think smaller and smaller until you can come up with 5 things.

  3. Now you know how to do this, the easiest and most environmentally friendly option is just to count on your fingers! To wrap-up, ask yourself, "How can I make this a regular habit

Daily Gratitude Diary

Negative Thinking Habits

We all struggle with negative thoughts at some point, and one of the best ways to combat those thinking habits is to figure out when and why they are most likely to pop up.

Have you ever noticed yourself thinking about a person or situation then finding that your mind has wandered down a rabbit hole of negativity? Or worse, your negative thoughts lead you to take negative actions?

Unfortunately, these everyday thoughts become distorted through generalizations, and deletion of information called “cognitive distortion”.

Cognitive distortion is where some aspects of ideas and experiences are given more weight and focus than others. We all do it. We do it to ourselves. We do it to other people, and other people do it to us. It’s automatic. It happens both consciously and unconsciously and ultimately, how we do this provides clues to our underlying beliefs about the world, other people, and most importantly, ourselves. It’s like mental magic except instead of disappearing, the bunny leads us in a direction that is all wrong!

Below are some of the caution signs to watch out for when you feel yourself thinking negative thoughts, and some things to think about to reverse the negativity.

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