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Which Dimension Is Your Brain Traveling In Right Now? (+Video)

You’ve probably heard that three colors make up all the colors in the rainbow. Sure, there are lots of colors, but all of them stem from three main colors – red, yellow and blue. The rest are just combinations of those three.

That’s amazing to think about. When you consider the different hues, tints, shades and tones we see every day, they all stem from just three basic colors.

Three dimensions - Two worlds

Now, have you ever tried to understand your own thought patterns? It’s a worthwhile exercise, because the way you think drives your behavior and everything about how you approach business and life. And just as the rainbow stems from just three colors, all your thoughts live within a combination of three dimensions—both in our internal world, and in the external world around us. Let’s take a look at what goes on in these three thinking dimensions as we interact with the outside world.

The Relator

The first is empathy, or how we relate to others. It’s the “relator” dimension. Every thought that you have concerning your attention to, and understanding of, other people lives is in this dimension. Consider how vast that is. It’s not just your spouse, your kids or your friends. It’s also your co-workers, your clients, your vendors, the people you see in the lobby of your building and the people who serve you at lunch. And so many more! The thoughts you have about these individuals and the things going on with them live in the empathy dimension.

The Doer

The second is the practical-thinking or the “doer” dimension. This has to do with your ability and desire for taking action, for comparing alternatives, and with tactical execution. When you make decisions and you need to act on those decisions, the practical dimension guides you to assess and analyze what action you should take, how you should approach it, which resources you should utilize, how much time you should put into it, and a great deal more. This dimension of your thinking can make or break your success and the tasks people expect you to perform.

The Thinker

And the third is the structured thinking or “thinker” dimension. This one involves the big picture. It’s where you develop vision and plans for where you want to go – for your business, for your goals and for your life. The structured thinking dimension considers so many things, including your ability and desire to pay attention to rules, regulations, systems and order.

All not some

Of course, just like with the colors, our thinking represents a combination of all three of these dimensions. Your brain travels in every dimension at all times—just at different levels. And one or two dimensions of thinking often guides our behavior more than the others. It’s the thinking dimension that what we prefer. It’s what makes us feel most comfortable and happy.

I discussed this more in a recent interview with Michelle Cohl, which you can see below. I’d love to help you unlock a better understanding of these growth opportunities as well!

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I’m Dr. Melanie and I help people in business every day to understand the patterns of their thoughts so they can use their thinking strengths to help train and improve in the thinking dimensions that aren’t as strong. Using a Nobel Prize-based tool based on the work of Dr. Robert Hartman, we are able to mathematically measure your thinking and your capacity to make value judgments concerning yourself and the world around you. So instead of simply understanding "how" you behave in the world, it reveals how to systematically align your thinking strengths with a business plan in order to achieve measurable success.


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