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Why Yes, We Do Know How You Can Quantify the Value of Coaching (+Video)

One of the first instincts of any business leader when inquiring about a new service is to ask, “How do I quantify the value of this?”

As a business psychology coach, I think that’s exactly the question you should be asking. If you can’t quantify the value of what I’m doing for you, how can you justify paying for it?

With this being the case, I’ve set up my coaching system in a way that ensures you can absolutely quantify the value. And the best part is that you decide what form the value will take.

My coaching will help you align your thinking and your actions with goals and strategic objectives to meet your needs. And it will be those goals and objectives that will serve as the benchmarks for quantifying the value.

Let’s say you’ve established a goal of 50 percent growth in sales during 2021. That’s a big measurement, but with my coaching, we go deeper than that. Your game plan to get there might include a certain number of outreaches every week, and a certain number of follow-ups. Maybe you set a goal of providing five “wow” experiences each month for your VIP clients.

Then, these measurements go on a dashboard and I’ll help to walk you through them. As we work through the thought and execution processes to help you pursue these goals, the actual performance will define how we’re doing.

So, you decide the benchmarks, not me. And I’m 100 percent confident we’ll do well because my purpose in coaching is to lead you to a happier and more prosperous business experience.

Are you ready to get started?

Here’s a recent video in which I discussed all this with Michelle Cohl:


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