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Cognitive behavioral coaching is a science-based approach to achieving personal and professional fulfillment through the removal of mental and emotional barriers, and the formation of new habits and behaviors. 


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by work+life responsibilities?

Do you feel like you do so much each day but never seem to get things done? Are you running on mental fumes and feeling unfulfilled? 


I'm Dr. Melanie Gallo. I coach professionals on how to naturally boost the mental & physical energy to discover WorkLifeJoy. Using my background in business psychology I combine science-based assessment with coaching to help you navigate your thoughts, emotions and behaviors for personal and professional transformation.

I look forward to connecting and being part of your Work+Life journey!

Feel free to read more about my background here.  Be well, Dr. Melanie


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Cognitive behavioral coaching


Travel Bags with Annita

Avoiding group conflict when traveling

with colleagues and friends.

Shaunna from chats with Dr. Melanie about her typical coaching client and how they work to achieve their goals.



Work+Life is not always as much about balance as it is about navigating through the fog that can disrupt our mental and physical health. Holistic cognitive behavioral coaching incorporates the powerful science of aromatherapy and essential oils as a tool to promote a healthy brain as you navigate your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors for a healthy mind.

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Melanie, is the consummate professional and has a great sense of understanding the needs of her clients. She applies her consultation not only with expertise but with a compassion of understanding how to get clients to the next step.  I had her on my radio show to talk about handling crisis and conflict when groups travel together. Her advice and contribution to the program was exactly what anyone traveling with friends or family needed to hear.  Her segment remains one which I reference often.” 


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