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Do you feel overwhelmed by work+life responsibilities?

Do you feel like you do so much each day but never seem to get things done?

Are you running on mental fumes and feeling unfulfilled?

Would you like for your team to perform more seamlessly?


PhD, Business Psychology

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I'm Dr. Melanie Gallo and I am a business psychology coach and organizational consultant helping people navigate through the fog within the Work+Life overlap.. 

Using my background in business psychology, clients receive psychological coaching + tactical consulting to achieve peak performance and lasting transformation.

I look forward to connecting with you and being part of your Work+Life journey!

Be well, Dr. Melanie



Gain an awareness of the underlying psychology (normally associated exclusively with coaching),

to take action on best practice planning (normally associated exclusively with consulting),

to achieve a superior “best of both worlds” solution.



Step 1

Take the Free Mindscan to understand where you are now, where you want to go, and the gaps that hold you back.

Only takes 15 minutes. Includes full report and review.


Step 2

Develop a plan to achieve the intended results.


Step 3

Navigate through an evolving 

landscape to stay on course for perpetual success.



Melanie, is the consummate professional and has a great sense of understanding the needs of her clients. She applies her consultation not only with expertise but with a compassion of understanding how to get clients to the next step.  I had her on my radio show to talk about handling crisis and conflict when groups travel together. Her advice and contribution to the program was exactly what anyone traveling with friends or family needed to hear.  Her segment remains one which I reference often.” 

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Just as a lighthouse can assist a sailboat in navigation by signaling safe entries into harbors and marking dangerous coastlines and hazardous reef, a coach will help you navigate through the fog within your Work + Life. (Adapted from

A Lighthouse

  • A lighthouse assists in navigation by signaling safe entries into harbors and marking dangerous coastlines and hazardous reefs.

  • A lighthouse does not dictate the direction of the boat.

  • A lighthouse helps to illuminate the current environment of the boat.

  • A lighthouse is a temporary aid in a journey, not a permanent one.

  • A lighthouse is particularly valuable in case of bad weather circumstances and a turbulent sea.

  • A lighthouse always operates in service of the journey of the boat. 

  • A lighthouse helps to clarify the current position of the boat. 

A Coach

  • Your coach will assist you in achieving your aspirations and valued living by highlighting possibilities and potential pitfalls. 

  • Your coach does not determine which values and goals you have. 

  • Your coach sheds (new) light on current circumstances.

  • Your Coach is a temporary aid for you, with the ultimate goal of achieving independence.

  • Your Coach is particularly valuable in case of difficult life circumstances.

  • Your coach always operates in service of your preferred goals and values. 

  • Your Coach helps to increase awareness of your current values, goals, strengths and weaknesses.



Travel Bags with Annita

Avoiding group conflict when traveling

with colleagues and friends.

Shaunna from chats with Dr. Melanie about her typical coaching client and how they work to achieve their goals.




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